Customer Testimonials:

Debra wrote: I was scheduled for Carpel Tunnel Surgery last spring, after purchasing 2 Double Strand Magnetic Bracelets and wearing them full time for 2 weeks , I canceled my surgery and no longer need pain medication ! I now wear them 24/7.

Thank you so much Debra Las Vegas NV

Brandon says: Thanks Magnetic Bracelets Etc. I wear a Necklace for chronic neck pain and I am pain free now!

Salt Lake City UT


Cathy has been wearing our bracelets for 4 years and had problems with overall stiffness in the mornings, I no longer have this problem as long as I keep wearing my bracelets, Thanks Magnetic Bracelet Etc

Cathy doing Civil Duty in Iraq



Keith from Las Vegas, NV has been wearing our Magnetic bracelets for over 10 years and continues to be pain free and recommneds them to all his friend and family.

Thank you Magnetic Bracelets Etc

Therapeutic Magnetic Jewelry 'That Makes You Look and Feel Great™'

Magnetic Beads are used for better Circulation, Overall Health and Treatment for Chronic Pain

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Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

Magnetic Bracelets Etc  Treatment for Chronic Pain

Hand Crafted Magnetic Therapy Treatment Bracelets and Magnetic Bead Jewelry

Renaissance Poison Ball Pendant Charms for Aroma Therapy



Single Magnetic Bracelet

Single Magnetic Bracelet

Item # SGLbkRiceRondel Magnetic Bracelet

This Bracelet is for Men or Women




What's NEW !

Magnetic Bracelets  Etc

Original Handcrafted Custom Designed Therapeutic Magnetic Jewelry

You can choose your own 'Custom Size' or Design Your OWN! Magnetic Therapy Bracelets, Magnetic Therapy Necklace's or Anklets.

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Magnetic braceletNEW! Gold and Silver Single Magnetic Bracelet

*Great NEWS* Meet Who’s Who Honoree Cindy O’Connor / Magnetic Bracelets Etc

Thank you WE Magazine for Women for naming me Top 100 Women in Ecommerce for 2012

Spirit With In U Gift Shop now has my Custom Magnetic Jewelry made with Gemstones like Jade, Amethyst, Quartz.

Check it out! Great place for unique gifts for the Mind, Body and Spirit!!!

4780 W. Ann Road, Suite #4 North Las Vegas, NV 89031
Smith's Shopping Center NE Corner of Ann Rd. & Decatur Blvd. Next to the UPS Store.

 Design Your own One of a Kind Magnetic Therapy Jewelry

For yourself or as a very Special Gift in time for 'Mothers's Day'

FREE shipping on all orders over $50.00

A tid bit from Magnetite History!

Lucretius and Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD Roman). There was a hill near the river Indus that was made entirely of a stone that attracted iron. He wrote of the magical powers of magnetite. For many years, magnetite was surrounded in superstition and was considered to possess magical powers, such as the ability to heal the sick, frighten away evil spirits and believed to attract and dissolve ships made of iron! Adam Schanz

Welcome to Magnetic Bracelets Etc

We are a American Family Owned Web Store. Each piece of Magnetic Therapy Jewelry is Custom Hand Made In the USA by us. We specialize in Custom Designing and Custom sizing Magnetic Jewelry and making One of a KInd Designs just for you. We make our Magnetic Therapy Bracelets with Magnetic Magnetite Beads combined with the finest Gemstones, Swarovski crystals and imported beads that we can find.We offer Magnetic Therapy Jewelry in Magnetic Necklace's, Anklets and Bracelets, all in our original designs. Earrings can be made to match any designs, contact us and we will be happy to help you with that.Adam Schanz

Come on in and Browse our Catalog pages or stop by the Design you own page!

The Benefits Of Wearing a Magnetic Therapy Bracelet or Magnetic Jewelry

Magnets and have also been reported to energize and improve circulation and oxygenate the blood and reduce inflammation.

Magnets have been shown to promote faster healing by working with the iron in your blood therefore stimulating your own body to heal itself. This is an Ancient, non-invasive and Holistic form of Healing. When worn daily they have been reported to relieve pain, which is helpful in the treatment of many chronic conditions including Inflammation, Arthritis, Carpel Tunnel, Fybromyalgia, ands Chronic Pain. It has a sedating effect on nerve tissue, sedates or inhibits pain and relaxes muscles and relieves stress Alder Security

Our Designs have a High Gauss factor of 7500 or more per design ! Much higher than standard Cuff style bracelets, which can have only 100 Gauss total. More Gauss (magnetic strength) means MORE PAIN RELIEF... We have New Single Magnetic Clasps that are stronger than ever before with higher 5000 Gauss , Double clasps are over 10,000 Gauss.

With today's economy this can be an inexpensive Holistic approach to daily pain relief !

. ....To Learn more about how wearing a magnetic therapy bracelet or how magnetic therapy jewelry may help relive pain click here


Magnetic Bracelets Etc

Our Jewelry is made with 100% Magnetite Magnetic Beads. We Welcome Custom Design Orders. Our Hand-crafted Custom Designed Jewelry is made with Top Quality Black, Colored & Pearlized Magnetic Magnetite Beads,14 k Gold Plated Beads, Sterling Silver Beads, Semi-Precious Stone Beads, Fiber Optic Beads Swarovski Crystals and the Finest Colored Imported Glass Beads we can find. We are a Custom Design Company, we sometimes have to make minor design or component substitutions, due to availability of beads. . We do our best to keep the design as close to the picture as we can, occasionally we have to make a small bead substitution. When Custom designing, please remember that the length of each bead and the length of the Item can have slight variations in sizing.

All of our Magnetic Jewelry is made with our special Easy Snap on Magnetic clasps, no fumbling with tricky catches. They just "Snap" together. Very helpful if you have Arthritis.

** How To Measure your Wrist for the correct size Magnetic Bracelet

**Please Be sure to' Select your Correct Size' when placing your order for EACH Bracelet from the order form drop down menu.

Measure Wrist's actual size, then add 1 inch. Magnetic Bracelets are NOT suppose to fit "Snugly", the "Clasp" can pinch if too tight. The average Women's bracelet size is 7 inch. (meaning wrist measures around 6 inches in actual size.) The average Men's bracelet size is 8 inches (meaning wrist measures 7 inches in actual size) each piece of Jewelry is Custom Hand Made for each order.


Comfortable Magnetic Anklets Custom Sized Magnetic Anklet

Custom Sized Magnetic Singles

NEW!!! Perfect Gift Idea! Magnetic Therapy Bracelet 5x8 Rice and Multi- Colored Pearls

Simple and Elegant! Black Single Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

  Custom Sized Magnetic Doubles

dOUBLE Magnetic therapy bracelet Black Magnetic Therapy Bracelet


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Magnetic Bead Jewelry with Magnetic Clasps, Renaissance, Celtic and Skeleton Jewelry all Custom Hand Crafted in the USA From Magnetic Bracelets Etc Jewelry 

Magnets have been reported to aid in Pain Management and be helpful in the treatment of many chronic conditions like Inflammation and Arthritis. Magnets and have also been reported to energize and improve circulation and oxygenate the blood. This aids in the body's ability to heal itself. To Learn more about Magnetic Therapy go here


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