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Frequently Asked Questions

Magnetic Bead Jewelry with a Magnetic Clasp Custom Hand Crafted in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I care for my Jewelry?

Simple, just use a damp soft cloth and wipe off any smudges

Keep your Jewelry Out of Water to avoid rusting of the magnetic clasps / occasionally wipe the ends of your magnetic clasps, to ensure good contact. They will accumulate a bit of dirt sometimes.

You 'Can Not De-Magneitze' your Magnetic Jewelry-they are permantly magnetized beads and clasps.

2. How long should I wear them?

It takes 120 days for every cell to replace itself, so wear it 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the first time. Each cell, on its outer membrane, possesses a positive electrical charge. Scientists, long ago, have said that all living cells are electric in nature. Life depends on this energy (DC-direct current). The functioning of your cells and the nervous system are based on this energy or there would not be any life at all. Many people never take off their magnetic jewelry.

Remember it takes 120 days for every cell to replace itself, so give it a chance or. You may have a “cuff”. A cuff is a “C” shaped bracelet highly publicized by athletes on television that has two balls, one on each end of the “C” that is only 1,500 gauss each. 3,000 gauss is not enough for the vast majority. Most people need about 7500 gauss to feel a difference. Try wearing different combinations until you find out what works for you.

3. Do the Magnets have to touch my body?

No. Just wear a piece of jewelry so it’s comfortable for you. Magnetic density emanates approximately six inches away from it’s source.

4. Isn't Magnetite actually Hematite?

No. They are 2 different stones. They look alike. Hematite is a simple oxide that has turned to rust and the re-fossilized. It is very brittle.
Magnetite is a multiple oxide. They are both black and have a very silvery shine when polished.
Magnetite is also made pearlized ( coated with Real Pearl Powder and Polished) comes in several Pastel colors ie: pink, blue, lavender, white, soft gold, etc

5. What is Loadstone?

Definition of Loadstone

Load"stone`\, Lodestone \Lode"stone\, n. [Load, lode + stone.] (Min.) A piece of magnetic iron ore possessing polarity like a magnetic needle. n : a permanent magnet consisting of magnetite that possess polarity and has the power to attract as well as to be attracted magnetically [syn: lodestone] See Magnetite.

6. What is Magnetite?

Magnetite and Loadstone are magnetic, Hematite. is NOT magnetic.

Magnetite \Mag"net*ite\, n. (Min.) An oxide of iron (Fe3O4) occurring in isometric crystals, also massive, of a black color and metallic luster. It is readily attracted by a magnet and sometimes possesses polarity, being then called loadstone. It is an important iron ore called also magnetic iron.

Magnetite meaning Lodestone, is a variety of magnetite that has a powerful positive-negative polarity. It is a basic stone sometimes used to realign energy flows in the body. Magnetite balances the intellect with inner emotions to bring about stability.This is an excellent stone for balancing polarities such as male-female; physical-spiritual; left brain-right brain, and many more.Magnetite aligns the chakras and connects the base and earth chakras to the nurturing energies of the earth. Additional properties include: · Aids telepathy, meditation, visualization · Strengthens trust in your own intuitions · The magnetic quality of magnetite attracts love, commitment and loyalty· Offers relief from negative emotions Healing properties of magnetite Healers use this stone for recovery. It is said to be beneficial for asthma, blood and circulatory system, skin and hair. Some use it for muscle strains and cramps; to stop nosebleeds and to help with chronic painful conditions such as Arthritis..

Magnetite beads are bi-polar which means that the magnetic energy is circular. So that any surface of the bead will stick to it self or to iron or steel. With bi-polar magnets you don’t have to know anything about magnetic therapy and whether you need north pole or south pole. You just wear beautiful magnetic jewelry.

7. Computers and Magnetics

If you use a computer, either wear a necklace or wear your magnets at night while you sleep. Don't wear magnets near your watch. Magnets work up to 6 inches from their source. So if they are touching you anywhere on your body they are working. Don't lay them on your Credit cards or magnetic type cards.

8. What size do I order?

How To Measure your Wrist for the correct size Magnetic Bracelet

**Please*** Be sure to 'Select your Correct Size' when placing your order for Each Bracelet from the order form drop down menu next to order button.

Measure Wrist's actual size, then add 1 inch. Magnetic Bracelets are NOT suppose to fit "Snugly" the "Clasp" can pinch if too tight. The average Women's bracelet size is 7 inch. (meaning wrist measures around 6 inches in actual size.) The average Men's bracelet size is 8 inches (meaning wrist measures 7 inches in actual size) each piece of Jewelry is Custom Hand Made for each order

9. We use the finest high quality imported beads we can buy

Our Jewelry is made with 100% Magnetite Magnetic Beads. We Welcome Custom Design Orders. Our Hand-crafted Custom Designed Jewelry is made with Top Quality Black, Colored & Pearlized Magnetic Magnetite Beads,14 k Gold Plated Beads, Sterling Silver Beads, Semi-Precious Stone Beads, Fiber Optic Beads Swarovski Crystals and the Finest Colored Imported Glass Beads we can find. We are a Custom Design Company, we sometimes have to make minor design or component substitutions, due to availability of beads. . We do our best to keep the design as close to the picture as we can. When Custom designing, please remember that the length of each bead and the length of the Item can have slight variations.

All of our Magnetic Jewelry is made with our special Easy Snap on Magnetic clasps, no fumbling with tricky catches. They just "Snap" together. Very helpful if you have Arthritis.

10. The Benefits Of Wearing a Magnetic Bracelet or Magnetic Jewelry

Magnets have been shown to promote faster healing by stimulating your own body to heal itself. It is non-invasive; it does not involve needles, pins, drugs or surgery
Relieves many types of Pain, including Osteopathic and Rheumatoid Arthritis.
It has a sedating effect on nerve tissue, sedates or inhibits pain.
Relaxes muscles and Relieves stress
. ....For more about how wearing a magnetic bracelet or how magnetic jewelry may help relive pain click here



Magnetic Therapy Jewelry with Magnetic Clasps, Renaissance, Skull Jewelry all Custom Hand Crafted in the USA From Magnetic Bracelets Etc

Wearing a Magnetic Therapy Bracelet has been reported to aid in Pain Management and be helpful in the treatment of many chronic conditions like Inflammation and Arthritis. Magnets and have also been reported to energize and improve circulation and oxygenate the blood. This aids in the body's ability to heal itself. To Learn more about Magnetic Therapy go here

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