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  Gauss Factor Page


Magnetic Therapy Bracelets and Magnetic Therapy Jewelry with a Magnetic Clasp Custom Hand Crafted in the USA

How much Gauss do you need?

7500 gauss is standard. Our Magnetic Single Clasp as a pair = 7000 Gauss + beads and you have more than the minimum needed of gauss per Bracelet, Necklace or Anklet.

Everyone is different. You should try several combinations to find what works for you. About 7500 gauss is standard for you to realize any effect. Again, you need to find the right combination that works well for you.You may need more or less.

What is Gauss?
Gauss is: A unit of measurement of magnetic fields and is named after Karl F Gauss (1777-1855) was a mathematician, physics and magnetic researcher. One gauss is the equivalent magnetic density of one square inch of Earth .Earth’s Magnetic Field 4000 years ago was 4.0 gauss. Today it is 0.4 gauss & varies by location and time 5,7,1

  Gauss: Lines of magnetic flux per square centimeter, cgs unit of flux  density, equivalent  to lines per square inch in the English system, and webers per square meter or Tesla in the SI system.

Anisotropic Magnet
A magnet having a preferred direction of magnetic orientation, so that the magnetic characteristics are optimum in one preferred direction.

  Isotropic Standard Power MagnetsIsotropy is uniformity in all directions.   Our Magnetic Magnetite Beads are these, they are sometimes called Biodirtectional.   That means they are not North or South ended magnets, they are equally magnetic all  the way around.

Gauss Chart

All of the Designs on our pages list the size of magnetic beads, just click on the picture to bring up the larger size image , count the Magnetic beads (most color beads are not magnetic) , Pearl magnetic beads are the same Gauss regardless of their color. Refer to this chart for your Gauss strength per bead.

Standard Power Magnets
Drum 2mm, 3mm & 4mm = 500 gauss
Round 4mm & 5mm = 500 gauss
6mm = 800 gauss
7mm = 900 gauss
8mm = 1000 gauss
Barrel 4x8 = 700 gauss
5x8 = 700 gauss

  Twist 5x11 = 700 gauss
  6x12 = 900 gauss
  Twisted Puff 8x12 = 1000 gauss
  Diamond 6x12 = 800 gauss
  8x12 = 1000 gauss

Pearlized Magnetic Beads

  White Twist 5x11 800 Gauss
  White Twist 6x12 1000 Gauss
  White Rice 4x7 600 Gauss

White Rice 6x12 1000 Gauss
  Ivory Rice 4x6 500 Gauss
  Blue, Bronze, Purple, Pink, Lavender- Round 6mm rounds) 800 Gauss

4mm Round 500 Gauss
6mm - Round 800 Gauss

8mm - Round 1000 Gauss

Triple Power Magnetic Beads (for special order only)

Lariats/wraps -5x8 Faceted Tube 2000 Gauss

White Rice 5x8 1950 Gauss

White Rice 6x12 2700 Gauss

Black Rice 5x8 1950 Gauss

Black Rice 6x12 2700 Gauss

Black Rice 6x16 3000 Gauss


The surface gauss value for "each piece of clasp"

Double it for both ends of clasp.

6*6 single clasp 5000 Gauss x 2 = 10,000

6*6 double clasp 5000 Gauss x 2 = 10,000

6*6 triple clasp 3500 Gauss x 2 = 7000

6*6 quad clasp 3500 Gauss x 2 = 7000


Magnetic Bead Jewelry with Magnetic Clasps, Renaissance, Skull Jewelry all Custom Hand Crafted in the USA From Magnetic Bracelets Etc Jewelry

Magnets have been reported to aid in Pain Management and be helpful in the treatment of many chronic conditions like Inflammation and Arthritis. Magnets and have also been reported to energize and improve circulation and oxygenate the blood. This aids in the body's ability to heal itself. To Learn more about Magnetic Therapy go here

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